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Friday, October 17 - Thursday, October 23,  2014

(Excluding Louisville Exclusives)


Screenwriter Hossein Amini (Drive, The Wings of the Dove) makes a stylish directing debut with this sleek thriller set in Greece and Istanbul in 1962. Intrigue begins at the Parthenon when a glamorous, wealthy American couple—the charismatic Chester MacFarland (Viggo Mortensen) and his alluring young wife Collete (Kirsten Dunst)—meet Rydal (Oscar Isaac, Inside Llewyn Davis), a Greek-speaking American who is working as a tour guide, scamming female tourists on the side. Instead of becoming his latest marks, the two befriend him, but a murder at the couple's hotel puts all three on the run together and creates a precarious bond between them as the trio's allegiance is put to the test. Their journey takes them from Greece to Turkey, and to a dramatic finale played out in the back alleys of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith (The Talented Mr. Ripley, Strangers on a Train).
FRIDAY & SATURDAY SHOWTIMES: 1:30p 4:00p 7:20p 9:45p
SUNDAY - THURSDAY SHOWTIMES: 1:30p 4:00p 7:20p
Run Time: 1 hrs 36 mins  
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NO GOOD DEED (PG13)          Must End Thursday, October 23!

An unstable escaped convict terrorizes a woman who is alone with her two children.
Stars: Taraji P. Henson, Idris Elba, Leslie Bibb

FRIDAY & SATURDAY SHOWTIMES: 1:05p 3:05p 5:15p 7:20p 9:35p
SUNDAY - THURSDAY SHOWTIMES: 1:05p 3:05p 5:15p 7:20p
Run Time: 1 hr 34 mins                      


The Kadam family leaves India for France where they open a restaurant directly across the road from Madame Mallory's Michelin-starred eatery.
Stars: Helen Mirren, Om Puri, Manish Daval

FRIDAY & SATURDAY SHOWTIMES: 1:15p 4:05p 7:00p 9:40p
Run Time: 2 hrs 12 mins                     

The city needs heroes. Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians. The future is grim until four unlikely outcast brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles must work with fearless reporter April O'Neil (Megan Fox) and her wise-cracking cameraman Vern Fenwick (Will Arnett) to save the city and unravel Shredder's diabolical plan. Based on the comic book characters created by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman, director Jonathan Liebesman brings Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the popular franchise that has captivated audiences of all ages for decades, into the 21st century.
FRIDAY & SATURDAY SHOWTIMES: 1:30p 4:10p 7:15p 9:50p
SUNDAY - THURSDAY SHOWTIMES: 1:30p 4:10p 7:15p
Run Time: 1 hr 51 mins      
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THE SKELETON TWINS (R)             Must End Thursday, October 23!
In the hilarious and emotional The Skeleton Twins, twins Maggie (Kristen Wiig, Bridesmaids) and Milo (Bill Hader) lead separate lives on opposite sides of the country. After many years of estrangement, both feel that they're at the end of their ropes, and an unexpected reunion forces them to confront how their lives went so wrong. For Maggie, that means re-examining her marriage to sweet "nature frat boy" Lance (Luke Wilson) and her own self-destructive tendencies, while Milo must face the pain of an early heartbreak he never quite got past. As the twins' reunion reinvigorates them both, they realize the key to fixing their lives just may lie in accepting the past and mending their relationship with each other. Also starring Ty Burrell ("Modern Family").                   

MONDAY - THURSDAY SHOWTIMES: 1:10p 3:20p 5:35p 7:45p
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LUCY (R)                 Must End Thursday, October 23!

A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.
Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Min-sik Choi

FRIDAY & SATURDAY SHOWTIMES: 1:00p 3:10p 5:20p 7:40p 10:00p
SUNDAY - THURSDAY SHOWTIMES: 1:00p 3:10p 5:20p 7:40p
Run Time: 1 hrs  38 mins                       

THE GIVER (PG13)      
The haunting sci-fi drama The Giver centers on Jonas (Brenton Thwaites), a young man who lives in a seemingly ideal, if colorless, world of conformity and contentment. Yet as he begins to spend time with The Giver (Jeff Bridges), who is the sole keeper of all the community's memories, Jonas quickly begins to discover the dark and deadly truths of his community's secret past. With this newfound power of knowledge, he realizes that the stakes are higher than imagined—a matter of life and death for himself and those he loves most. At extreme odds, Jonas knows that he must escape their world to protect them all—a challenge that no one has ever succeeded at before. Also starring Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgård, Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift, The Giver is based on Lois Lowry's beloved novel of the same name. Directed by Phillip Noyce (Salt, The Quiet American).        
FRIDAY & SATURDAY SHOWTIMES: 12:55p 3:15p 5:30p 7:45p 10:00p
SUNDAY - THURSDAY SHOWTIMES: 12:55p 3:15p 5:30p 7:45p
Run Time: 1 hrs  44 mins                       
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MALEFICENT (PG)                
Maleficent explores the untold story of Disney's most iconic villain from the classic film Sleeping Beauty and the elements of her betrayal that ultimately turn her pure heart to stone. Driven by revenge and a fierce desire to protect the moors over which she presides, Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) cruelly places an irrevocable curse upon the human king's newborn infant Aurora. As the child grows, Aurora (Elle Fanning) is caught in the middle of the seething conflict between the forest kingdom she has grown to love and the human kingdom that holds her legacy. Maleficent realizes that Aurora may hold the key to peace in the land and is forced to take drastic actions that will change both worlds forever. Also starring Sharlto Copley, Sam Riley, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple and Lesley Manville. The directorial debut of Robert Stromberg, Oscar winner for Art Direction on both Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.
FRIDAY & SATURDAY SHOWTIMES: 1:15p 3:55p 7:00p 9:30p
SUNDAY - THURSDAY SHOWTIMES: 1:15p 3:55p 7:00p

Run Time: 1 hr 47 mins
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